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Service Content
 Technical training: According to actual situation, Litzler-Foudy will recognize professional technical training of installment and adjustment, which can guarantee the equipment running safely and reliable.
 Provide reasonable and effective advice to customers.
 Trouble Processing: According to the customer’s information feedback, our technical engineer will respond in time, and process the equipment failure by the most effective way, then through the customer’s evaluation to confirm the treatment effect.
Service mode
  Telephone Support: After receiving the customer’s technical request or the failure report, we will contact with the customer by the telephone immediately, and assist to instruct the customer to solve the problem.
 Internet long-distance diagnose support: It can be inspecting on the long-distance diagnose by internet and directly solve the problem form Litzler-Foudy. Removing the fault time efficaciously, fulfill the service availably.
  Hands-on support: When the equipment failure needs somebody to be on the actual spot, Litzler-Foudy will arrange technical engineer as soon as possible.
 Real-time visit: we will visit customer at production stage, and can real-time understand the working situation of the equipment, in case of abnormal situation, we can make the response immediately and remove the faults.
 Emergency solution: we will recognize the emergency processing group, and make emergency technical solution; to the common technical breakdown, we could assist to instruct the customer to solve it voluntarily by telephone or network; In the customer inextricability’s situation, we will send the technical engineer t the scene  promptly.
Service respond time
We will provide integrated after-sale service, and respond in time.
Telephone and net work support: Our business hours are AM 9:00 to PM 5:30 MON~FRI (expect official day of rest); Emergency situations can contact by mobile.
Hands-on support: when needs the personnel rush to the scene, stipulated that in 300KM we will arrive in 24hours, beyond 300Km we will get on transport in 24 hours.
Supervision Mechanism: when the customer is unsatisfied with the scene personnel service, can feed it back it the company management, we will arrange other technical engineer to solve the problem.
Our Superiority
Comprehensive Technical Storage: Litzler-Foudy with rich technical strength and talent resources can provide the technical service which can satisfy the customer’s demands.
Excellent service: Litzler-Foudy has the adopted advanced management system and perfect service system which can guarantee our service timely and efficiently.
Substantial Experience: Litzler-Foudy has completed understanding of the equipments structures and the operating ways. So we can supply customer with aimed services.