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Rewinder, canvas slitting machine

Rewinder machine is the equipment which remachine or reprocess some products with flaws, such as bad coiling, drive off and pulp slot. The function is to recoil the curtain with bad forming coiling role to obtain the smooth appearance, or to process the intermediate finished-cloth. During the machine running, speed and tension can be adjusted. This machine adopts PLC computer control system and automatic control for tension. According to different kinds of cloth, different parameter can be set. This machine is a professional downstream for curtain production.
Range of speed: 2-60m/min
Application: all kinds of tire cord fabrics
Roll width: 1100-2800mm
Winding form: active rewind, passive rewind
Tension zone: 2 tension zones
Unwinding form: motor reducer unwinding, pneumatic brake unwinding
Slitting form: ultrasonic fusion cutting